Animal crossings: Flying animals with IAG Cargo

From lions to lorises, we uncover which animals we’ve transported through our Live Animals service over the years

IAG Cargo has been transporting live animals since the 1950s, including some of the world’s most endangered species, and are trusted by some of the world’s most prestigious zoos and charities, including the Born Free Foundation, Humane Society International, Animals Lebanon and Monkey World. With the combined strength and network of five airlines flying to more than 350 destinations worldwide and with over 500 aircraft, we’ll get your animals where they need to be.

Here, we lift the lid on species that have been recently transported, along with some of the most significant animal voyages that IAG Cargo has facilitated in the last few years.

Transporting animals around the globe

Loren, a Bornean orang-utan, flies from Moscow to London

In 2017, IAG Cargo transported Loren, a 21-month-old Bornean orang-utan between Moscow and London. Loren was adopted by Monkey World in Dorset, which is home to the European Crèche for Orphaned Orang-utans, where she was welcomed by her adopted mother.

Rescue dogs relocate from Larnaca to London

In 2020, 50 rescue dogs and cats flew from London Heathrow to Larnaca in Cyprus on a  cargo-only charter that also carried food, perishables and essential medical supplies as part of IAG Cargo’s effort against Covid-19.

Endangered slow loris flies from Beirut to London

In 2018, an endangered baby slow loris was rescued from illegal sale in a pet shop in Lebanon, and transported by IAG Cargo to Monkey World. There, she has been given a permanent home with a group of Bengal slow loris’.

Kiara the cheetah travels from Johannesburg to London

IAG Cargo had the privilege of transporting six month-old cheetah Kiara J from her home at Lory Park Zoo in Johannesburg to an organisation in Cornwall, also facilitate a conservation breeding programme, a common practice for many zoos around the world.

Quvam the lion flies from Moscow to Madrid

In 2018, Quvam was transferred from Moscow Zoo to his new home at Madrid Zoo after a mate was located there as part of the zoos’ breeding programmes.

NFL sniffer dogs travel from London to New York

Following an NFL game hosted in Twickenham, London, a group of 12 specially-trained sniffer dogs departed to New York after a busy shift as part of security patrol and stop and search at the American football game.

Alpacas fly from Santiago to Madrid and miniature horses to India

We also transported some 90 alpacas from Chile to Spain in January 2020, as well as 16 miniature horses from London to Delhi and Mumbai to breeders based in India.

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