NFL sniffer dogs fly home

The latest NFL American Football game in London took place securely in part thanks to a group of 12 specially trained sniffer dogs transported by IAG Cargo.

Following a game of many touchdowns on Sunday at Twickenham, in which Minnesota Vikings beat Cleveland Browns 33-16, the dogs took off for New York this morning on BA115, after a busy shift as part of the security patrol and stop and search to keep everyone at the game safe and secure.

Gabriella Tamasi, Product Standard Compliance Manager said: “It’s been a real pleasure looking after these remarkable animals.  This is their last flight with us in 2017 but we hope to welcome Mojave, Paul, Derry, Macklin, Artik, Nola, Duchess, Petey, Charlie, Cleo, Red and Inka on board again next year when the NFL returns once again in the UK.”