Endangered slow loris saved from illegal sale in Lebanon

We’re huge animal lovers at IAG Cargo, so it brings us much pleasure to announce the safe rescue of Nora, a baby slow loris taken from her mother and illegally put up for sale in a pet shop in Lebanon.

Discovered by local authorities in Beirut, the endangered primate was confiscated and looked after by animal protection organisation Animals Lebanon, who arranged for her transit to Monkey World in Dorset. There, she would be offered a permanent home with a group of Bengal slow loris’.

Like Loren the orangutan who travelled in Club World last year from Moscow to London, Nora also travelled in the cabin on her flight from Beirut to London so she could be well cared-for during the journey.

17. Nora had special dispensation to travel in the cabin of the British Airways flight ©MonkeyWorld2018

Alison Cronin, who runs the Ape Rescue Centre at Monkey World said:

“We needed to get Nora to the UK where she can live with others of her own kind and receive specialist care. British Airways and IAG Cargo have worked with us over the last few years to rescue illegally obtained primates from across the world.

“We knew when we called them that they’d want to help with the conservation of this incredible endangered species. Moving primates is never an easy job and there were many obstacles to get  little Nora from Beirut to Monkey World so we are grateful to have been able to fly her to the UK, and in style!”

2. The tiny loris only weighed 180g when she was confiscated in Beirut - ©Animals Lebanon

Nora was the first endangered animal to be confiscated under the new Animal Protection and Welfare Laws in Lebanon and her case will be moved to the courts for prosecution.

IAG Cargo is committed to the protection of endangered animals, and moves countless protected species to special facilities each year. You can book to move your pets through our Live Animals product, which has more than 60 years’ experience shipping live animals and is trusted by the world’s most prestigious zoos and animal charities.