Loren the orang-utan gets VIP treatment in Club World

Life-saving drugs, crucial aircraft parts and freshly picked strawberries… the story behind what’s in the box often gets forgotten in the haze of flight schedules, freight tracking and urgent deliveries. But what if some cargo is too precious for the box?

In 2017, IAG Cargo was given permission to transport Loren, a 21-month-old Bornean orang-utan between Moscow and London. Loren was adopted by Monkey World in Dorset, which is home to the European Crèche for Orphaned Orang-utans, where she was welcomed by her new mum Roro and Bulu-Mata and Rieke, and even given a new name, Mimi.

Mimi was rejected by her mother at birth and had been cared for by keepers at Moscow Zoo until Monkey World was able to help her integrate into a new family. She was too small, however, to fly in the hold, as the majority of animals do, and so after months of approvals sought from the Civil Aviation Authority, the Animal and Plant Health Agency, the Border Force CITES team and sister airline British Airways, IAG Cargo was allowed to transport Mimi in BA’s Club World cabin, where she was given true VIP treatment with a spread of fruit and apple juice before settling down for some in-flight entertainment.

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Last Christmas, IAG Cargo donated more than 200 IAG sister airline blankets to Monkey World in the hope that they will keep animals warm during the winter months. Responsible for moving the blankets to Monkey World is British Airways’ trucking partner Saint’s, who have expedited the fleece blankets to Dorset.

IAG Cargo has been transporting live animals since the 1950s, including some of the world’s most endangered species. Whatever the journey, we can cater for all sorts of animals with our specialist facilities and highly-trained staff and animal handlers.