Our top 5 Christmas cargo shipments for 2017

Roast turkey, mince pies, mulled wine and smoked salmon – these festive commodities heavily rely on the air cargo trade when demand rockets at Christmas. With the holiday behind us, check out IAG Cargo’s biggest shipments leading up to and during the Christmas period.

  • Spirits were in high demand last Christmas, with enormous volumes of Scotch whisky flown from Glasgow to North America and the Asia-Pacific region throughout October. IAG Cargo also shipped a massive 26 tonnes of cognac from Bordeaux to Orlando, while the west coast of the US had more of a taste for wine, with 4.4 tonnes of Italian wine shipped from Florence to San Francisco the same week.
  • “Cinnamon and ginger, nutmegs and cloves, that’s what gave me this jolly red nose” goes the old nursery rhyme. Nutmeg was one of the top shipments this season, with 3.5 tonnes of the spice travelling from Jeddah to Chicago late in October.
  • High volumes of chocolate were flown in climate controlled hold from Brussels to Houston and Seattle. Bahrain also had a sweet tooth, with large volumes of chocolate freighted to Manama, where New York chocolatier Alison Nelson opened a Chocolate Bar last year.
  • Greetings cards have been travelling the globe in bulk – busiest routes include Cape Town to Winnipeg, Kuwait to London, and Cape Town to Buffalo.
  • Perfume is forever a favourite stocking filler. The trade has been transatlantic and in both directions, with large quantities shipped from Los Angeles to Amsterdam, Rome to Kingston, and Milan to New Orleans.

In preparation for the Christmas rush, IAG Cargo ships many perishables via a number of products including the Constant Fresh and General Cargo products. If you’re preparing for an upcoming holiday, see how we can help get your goods from A to B, here.