Battling theft and securing the supply chain

The security of the supply chain is a growing concern for governments and shippers who have heavily invested in the protection of goods.

Thieves often target items that will give the highest returns, targeting electronics, pharmaceutical drugs and high-value artwork, while smugglers use ever more sophisticated methods to move illicit items like ivory, endangered species and counterfeit goods.

To protect against supply chain interference and abuse, IAG Cargo’s Secure service offers the highest level of security for shippers, with escorted transfers and constant surveillance accompanied by a whole host of un-disclosable security features. For items like precious artwork, custom-built facilities offer the highest levels of safety and protection. IAG Cargo also works with governments and security services around the world to disrupt and prevent the movement of illicit goods. Nowhere has this been more evident than with the movement of ivory and endangered species.

IAG Cargo has been transporting animals since the 1950s, catering for some of the more unusual customers on board such as bonnet head sharks, slow loris’ and baby rhinos.

Earlier this year, we transported Quvam the Lion from Moscow Zoo to Madrid Zoo in order to be united with a future mate despite extreme temperatures that waylaid his transit twice.

In 2017, IAG Cargo transported a baby orangutan, Loren, from Moscow Zoo to London. Loren was too small to fly in the hold, and after months of approvals sought from various bodies, was flown in British Airways’ Club World cabin, where she was given VIP treatment with a spread of fruit and apple juice.

Likewise, the transportation of artwork and artefacts brings its own challenges. IAG Cargo has partnered with the British Museum for its upcoming I am Ashurbanipal: king of the world, king of Assyria exhibition. In 2017, IAG Cargo partnered with London’s National Gallery for the Monochrome: Painting in Black and White exhibition, which displayed paintings from Picasso, Rembrandt and Richter.

With Secure – IAG Cargo’s custom-built handling area – every person that comes into contact with a high-value item is stringently vetted, including the customer.

All items are monitored all day, every day using CCTV and manned patrols, including when they are locked in our vault. As the trusted cargo partner to more than 10,000 businesses, we are committed to always moving, no matter how challenging the cargo.