Getting into the spirit of things: Whisky shipments are on the up

Earlier this month, IAG Cargo shipped over half a tonne of Indian malt whisky from Bangalore to New York. Though you might more readily associate whisky with Scotland or Ireland than India, according to Business Insider, the South Asian country is the world’s biggest consumer of the liquor, getting through more than 1.5 billion litres annually – almost half of the world’s supply. Indeed, eight of the top ten most consumed whiskies worldwide are now produced in India.

India’s relationship with whisky goes back to the 19th century, with the first distillery opened by Edward Dyer during the British Raj in the late 1820s,with the country’s tropical climate allowing for unique flavours and characteristics to develop and mature over time. It’s no surprise then to see India attracting the attention of whisky lovers all over the world.

India isn’t the only Asian country with a flair for whisky production. Japanese variations have become so popular that producers have had to suspend sales of certain types because demand has outstripped supply. In August alone, IAG Cargo shipped more than a tonne of the prized libation from Tokyo to New York.

According to International Wines and Spirits Research, the global whisky market is set to be the fastest growing alcohol market over the next five years. Shipping world-class spirits to more than 350 destinations on our global network, we’ll raise a glass to that.