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IAG Cargo sharpens processing for special flights

Time is one of our most precious commodities, so when there doesn’t seem to be enough of it, it’s essential to make every second count.

Thanks to IAG Cargo’s Network, Operations and Commercial teams, a mission to deliver urgent medical supplies to Munich from Shanghai in April was one of our most impressive, using a stopover at London Heathrow to achieve the quickest and most efficient route possible. Not only were all legs of the trip completed using a single flight number – an exception to how flights have traditionally been routed and processed ­– but IAG Cargo was also given authorisation to keep freight on BA168F in the UK, instead of having it removed, transported to a temporary storage facility, and carried on to its final destination.

Working closely with Border Force to ensure that all reporting, controls and regulations were complied with – and that there was opportunity to conduct physical inspections if required – this crucial step in the process meant that IAG Cargo was able to significantly reduce the impact on resources including both cost and time. With cargo doors closed, aircraft doors sealed, and the airbridge removed to maintain the integrity of the plane and freight, it eliminated any need for physical handling on the ground.

Teams in Munich ensured a smooth transition until the very end of the journey, unloading freight in under 30 minutes upon arrival and positioning it next to the cargo gate area for its transfer to ground transportation.

Martin Mulach, Customer Service Manager Frankfurt, said: “In a time of incredible change for the world, it’s amazing what we are achieving as a team, working in conjunction with BA. Our ramp handlers did an amazing job attending to the aircraft on arrival in Munich. We should also thank the team in China for their part in getting this shipment away.”

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