Since 2017, IAG Cargo’s award-winning loyalty programme, FORWARD.REWARDS, has been used by more than a thousand of our most valued customers. But as our small and medium size freight forwarders continue to grow, so too does our relationship with them.

FORWARD.PLATINUM is our scheme’s new and exclusive, invite-only tier, specifically designed to offer greater personalisation and enhanced benefits. If you’re taking the journey with IAG Cargo, read on to discover how FORWARD.PLATINUM can work for you.

A business-focused approach

We’ve done the research and spent years fostering relationships to understand that every business needs to be treated with the individuality they deserve. We’ve created rewards specifically tailored and relevant to you, delivering promotions on a case-by-case basis, personalised for your business.

Rewards you’ll actually use

Whether it be first-class flights to New York, or a discounted stay at 250,000 hotels, we’ve come up with benefits that are both desirable and practical to your business needs. 

Growing with IAG Cargo

Even after joining the FORWARD.REWARDS programme, there’s always plenty of room to move within the ranks, from bronze, to silver, to gold, all the way to our brand-new top-tier FORWARD.PLATINUM. It goes without saying that the more you ship, the greater the benefits will be, but members are always eligible to graduate to a higher tier whenever the time is right. 

To discover more or sign-up to FORWARD.PLATINUM, click here.