British Airways, B787-10

Meet the Boeing 787-10, IAG Cargo’s newest aircraft

While there have been many recent efforts to maximise space on flights across our network, the arrival of the Boeing 787-10 to the British Airways fleet is a strong strategic move for IAG Cargo.

Currently flying the route from London Heathrow to Dallas Fort Worth, the 787-10 joins the league of our largest aircraft, including our mammoth Boeing 777-300, and is the biggest of the 787 family. A longer body design means that this model is capable of holding up to 13 pallets of cargo in the bellyhold, with a maximum tow weight – the official maximum weight for an aircraft to be manoeuvred – in excess of 250 tonnes. For a little perspective, that’s just over 22T more than our existing 787-8 model currently operated by BA.

The process of bringing a new plane into the IAG Cargo family and getting it off the ground requires an eagle-eyed approach to detail, beginning with new aircraft specifications. Working directly with Boeing to build a thorough understanding of the plane’s maximum uplift and volumetric limitations means we’re able to calculate the number of pallets it’ll allow us to transport, while assessing loading constraints is crucial for implementing our vast array of products. This includes everything from AVI for animal transportation, to Constant Climate for precious pharmaceuticals, to perishables which require dry ice solutions. 

Honing the process with governance boards and manufacturers, our defined limits then allow us to create sellable capacity for our customers. From the teams on hand to secure take-off with passengers, bags and cargo on board, to our commercial teams that carve out our preferred and appropriate routes – it’s a journey that travels to every corner of the business.

IAG Cargo Network Manager, Nic Nyamatore said:

“The new Boeing 787-10 offers more cargo capacity in the bellyhold, all while being more fuel efficient – an essential move when getting our customers’ freight where it needs to be.”

With the proposed retirement of our 747 aircraft, our 787-10 routes are expanding in the coming months, with more destinations in the US being added to our schedule. To read more about IAG Cargo’s existing fleet across British Airways, Iberia, Aer Lingus, Vueling and LEVEL, click here.