FLying freight? Here’s all you need to know

There’s never been a time when deliveries and logistical partners were more crucial than in the last year. How many of us would have endured lockdown without Amazon Prime or eBay, delivering crafts to the households of parents with restless children, or laptops, monitors and ergonomic chairs to employee homes? Or even survived, without the delivery of fresh fruit and vegetables from around the globe to our local supermarket shelves?

E-commerce has thrived during lockdown and now, more than ever, logistics and freight forwarders are playing a greater role in everyone’s lives, with increasingly discerning end customers expecting rapid delivery and superior customer service. Here are four things you can do to get the most out of IAG Cargo.

Enrol in a loyalty scheme

Membership clubs are all the rage, especially those offering benefits that make a real difference. Whether it’s reward flights to far-flung locales, free cargo shipments or complimentary hotel stays, the perks offered for maximising your bookings with one carrier make a compelling incentive. Members of IAG Cargo’s FORWARD.REWARDS loyalty scheme earn points for every euro spent, with three earning tiers that offer more points, the more you spend. Bronze members earn one point for every €5 spent, it’s one point per €4 for Silver, and Gold members earn one point for every €3.50 spent.

Get into e-booking

A cargo partner that makes every transaction seamless is one for life. Being able to access booking portals with ease, or track and monitor your shipments’ live movements is essential both for peace of mind and business success. With remote working on the up and workloads stacked, instant updates on route or transit changes are more important than ever so your team can get on with more pressing tasks than manually checking on shipments.

Pick the right product

Fledgling freight forwarders will need to work out which product category their goods fall into before booking consignments. If it’s a customer’s pet that you’re looking to transport overseas or back home, IAG Cargo’s Live Animals product is one of the group’s legacy services, having moved everything from housecats to cheetahs since the 1950s. For diagnostic samples or vaccines that need temperature-controlled conditions, IAG Cargo’s Constant Climate product is handled by expert teams around the globe, versed in both passive and active container solutions. Or if it’s time-critical shipments such as replacement equipment, vital vehicle parts or emergency orders, the group’s Critical product offers guaranteed capacity, with fast-track check-in desks and a 24/7 dedicated team just a phone call away.

Boost your network

Today, access is everything, especially when freight capacity and global demand are in a state of flux. IAG Cargo manages the cargo capacity of more than 500 wide-body and narrow-body aircraft, with three hubs in LondonMadrid and Dublin, with a number of cargo-only services now taking flight on passenger aircraft. Freight forwarders can charter our aircraft, and ship cargo further with IAG Cargo’s freighter and trucking networks. Currently, the carrier is operating a daily wide-body “airbridge” between London and Madrid, facilitating shipments for cargo to any corner of the world.

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