How superfoods are driving cargo flows worldwide

Go into any restaurant, market or café and you’ll notice people taking photos of their food, prepped to share on social media.

While #Instafood, #Eatclean and #Foodie hashtags have driven superfood trends to new heights, the popularity of vegetarianism has also caused a spike in people sharing shots of their green, health-conscious meals.

All this social media buzz has had an effect on the shipments of superfoods worldwide, fuelled by a new wave of consumers pursuing plant-based diets.

Here are a few of the food trends influencing cargo flows around the world:

Popularity around this food fad, used in brunches, smoothies and face masks, is yet to peak. Posted on Instagram an incredible 6.5 million times, it’s not surprising that avocado volumes from South Africa and Mexico have increased to meet the insatiable demand of millennial brunch-goers and fitness gurus.

Acai berries will soon rival avocados as the “must have” breakfast food. Smoothies topped with fruit, oatmeal and peanut butter have also popped up in health food shops and cafés globally. To meet this demand, cherries, strawberries and blueberries have been flying out of the US to meet the growing demand.

Edible flowers
This summer, the sale of edible flowers in British supermarkets rocketed as food lovers adorn salads, cocktails and cakes. Quick and efficient transit is necessary to maintain the freshness and integrity of these dainty flowers which are shipped from Holland and The Netherlands.

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