What were Black Friday’s hottest bargains?

Much like Halloween, Black Friday is a US import that British shoppers – and a growing number of European countries – have come to embrace.  

While we may no longer see the physical stampede of people rushing to grab a bargain, online sales are key for retailers looking to shift stock in the run up to the festive season.

So what was hot on Black Friday in 2017?  We’ve identified three major commodities that proved to be Black Friday gold, and how airfreight is playing a part in getting these goods to where they need to be. 

From headphones and handsets to sound bars and smartwatches, technology remain at the top of many consumers’ wish lists.  This year, in the run up to Black Friday, we’ve moved more iPhones and iPhone accessories from Hong Kong to the UK than ever before.

Consumers expect discounts of 20 per cent or more from major fashion retailers on Black Friday.  For retailers looking to transport goods in the run up, the speed and flexibility that air cargo offers is vital.  It means they can react quickly to hot spots of consumer demand and maximise their return on an unquestionably key date in the retail calendar.

The rise of online shopping shows no sign of slowing, and with the likes of Ebay and Amazon marketplace, almost anyone, anywhere, in the world can be a “retailer”. While many consumers will buy online from smaller, independent retailers, they still expect the same professional – and timely – delivery of their goods, regardless of place of origin. Less expensive than many would assume, shopping across borders via air cargo continues to boom.

IAG Cargo transports electronics, fashion and e-commerce goods through its Critical product when delivery time is non-negotiable during sale periods such as Black Friday.