How the US prepares for Thanksgiving

With the holiday season upon us, the arrival of Thanksgiving means a focus on family, friendship and, of course, food.

This Thanksgiving, Americans will consume a staggering 50 million turkeys, and while preparation for the annual event begins months in advance, logistics companies work round the clock to ensure ingredients are in the right place ahead of the big day.

Here’s a taster of some of the festive treats and decorations IAG Cargo has been shipping within its Constant Fresh product over the past month:

  • We’ve been feeding the US’ insatiable appetite for all things pumpkin spiced, shipping nutmeg from Jeddah to Chicago for pies, lattes and even protein powders.
  • No centrepiece or wreath is complete without oranges. We’ve seen shipments of dried oranges from Cape Town to Los Angeles to make sure rooms and front doors are proudly displaying holiday cheer.
  • The humble cranberry is a staple at Thanksgiving. From stuffing to pies and sauces, dried fruit shipments have been flowing from Africa through our London hub and onto multiple destinations across the US.

Wherever you’re celebrating, we hope this year’s feast is one to remember.