Monochrome masters at the National Gallery

Flying great artists to London

Picasso, Rembrandt and Richter, these names aren’t regular passengers on IAG Cargo flights, but when we do accommodate luminaries of the art world, we make sure they reach their destination safely and in style.

Some 50 pieces of art were carried by IAG Cargo to London’s National Gallery as part of a partnership with the National Gallery’s Monochrome: Painting in Black and White exhibition. Transported using our Secure product, the exhibition contains works that travelled from Chicago, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, LA and Moscow among others, and will run until February 18, 2018.

 When it comes to security, we’re black and white

Monochrome explores the tradition of black and white painting over 700 years; from the Middle Ages through the Renaissance and into the 21st century. It will feature works by old masters Dürer, Rembrandt and van Eyck, as well as those by  contemporary artists Gerhard Richter, Chuck Close, and Bridget Riley.

Art is a unique commodity to ship. Pieces for a showcase such as Monochrome are typically held in a diverse range of public and private collections, so security needs to be watertight across locations.

Shortening the supply chain through air shipment is one way to reduce any security threat to high value objects. Ensuring the risk is as low as possible requires custom-designed handling areas such as IAG Cargo’s vaults, with strict security vetting of both staff and customers.

We also need to remember that not all secure solutions are created equally. For different shipments, we arrange witness loading, advanced tracking technology and teams of ex-police to investigate non-conformities, and monitor the stations to which consignments are transported to. These are some of the many benefits a comprehensive secure service should offer.

IAG Cargo transports valuable goods and artwork through its Secure product, offering a custom-designed handling area and vaults that are 100 per cent secure.