IAG Cargo’s Top 12 articles of 2022

As we welcome in the New Year, we revisit our most-read articles from the IAG Cargo Magazine in 2022. From finding out how we move film productions around the world with DHL, to discovering how sustainable aviation fuel is produced with Phillips 66, and various spotlights on our colleagues at IAG Cargo.

Join us as we look back at the Top 12 reads from the IAG Cargo Magazine in 2022.

1. Women in logistics spotlight: Aisha Javid

Taking the top spot in our 2022 top reads is our interview with Aisha Javid, operations manager at IAG Cargo. In this inspirational piece, we shine a light on women in logistics, finding out from Aisha what her job entails, why she loves working in the logistics industry, and how she worked her way up. This is a great read if you too are a woman working in logistics or looking to enter the field.

2. IAG Cargo’s 2021 year in review

In January 2022, we kickstarted the year by looking back at the most interesting and unique cargo movements in 2021. From flying essential COVID-19 vaccines to tonnes of wine, and even a rescued SEA LIFE turtle from the Maldives, 2021 was quite a year for IAG Cargo. Dive into this piece to get an insight into the various commodities that sit right beneath your feet in the aircraft belly hold.

3. 10 minutes with… British Airways Senior First Officer Mark Vanhoenacker

Coming in at number 3 is our 10 minutes with Mark Vanhoenacker, British Airways Senior First Officer and author of several books including Skyfaring. In this article, Mark tells us about the impact of COVID on his day-to-day job, flying bellies full of cargo, and what IAG Cargo transported on those cargo-only services.

4. National Get to Know your Customers Day… with CEVA Logistics

On 21st July, we celebrated National Get to know your Customers day. For this piece,  we spoke to Harriet Steele, European Procurement Manager at CEVA Logistics about her role, how IAG Cargo is working with CEVA Logistics, and what’s important for a strong relationship with an air cargo partner.

5. IAG Cargo brings Bob the pigeon home

When IAG Cargo took part in a rescue mission for a pigeon, it would have been cuckoo of us not to tell the story! In this unique piece, find out how Bob the award-winning racing pigeon from the UK, ended up 4,300 miles away in Alabama, USA. We recount what it took to bring Bob safely back to the UK and  reuniting him with his owner, Alan Todd.

6. What it’s like to be a woman in logistics?

In sixth place is another inspiring piece, this time to celebrate International Women’s Day which takes place in March.  We asked three women across IAG Cargo’s operations what brought them to the air cargo sector, what they’ve learned while being here, and what makes IAG Cargo a great place to work.

7. How IAG Cargo South Asia delivered a strong performance during challenging times

At the start of 2022, we shined a light on one the main regions on our network- South Asia. For this piece, we spoke to Area Commercial Manager for South Asia, Ankush Chawla, on how the hub adapted during the height of India’s COVID wave to succeed in pulling off a record year for export.

8. Life inside IAG Cargo’s operations

IAG Cargo’s operations run 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, so we wanted to discover the various roles that make this possible. From an Operations Manager to a Senior Cargo Duty Manager, we interviewed a few of our employees to find out what their jobs entail, their biggest challenges so far, and the life inside IAG Cargo operations.

9. The Digitisation of air cargo

Also featuring in our 2022 round-up is our interview with Camilo Garcia Cervera, Global VP Business Development at WebCargo by Freightos. Airfreight may have been late to join the party of digitisation, but in this insightful piece, Camilo highlights how their e-booking platform benefits global customers, the value of strategic partnerships, and how the industry is making great strides towards a digitised future.

10. IAG Cargo’s top eight articles of 2021

Coming in at number 10 is our top eight articles of 2021 in the IAG Cargo Magazine. As we kickstarted 2022, we first wanted to revisit our most read articles published in 2021 – from our celebration of inspirational women at IAG Cargo to our deep-dive into the world of animal crossings.

11. Phillips 66 leading the way with sustainable aviation fuel

Sustainability is high on everyone’s agenda, so it’s no surprise our interview with Simon Holt, Manager for Emerging Energy (Europe) at Phillips 66 Limited, gained a top spot. Phillips 66, a refinery located in Lincolnshire, is producing and pumping sustainable aviation fuel right beneath our feet to locations across the UK. Read this article to discover what goes on behind the scenes of producing SAF and the importance of what they do.

12. IAG Cargo and DHL: moving film productions around the world

Reaching the last spot on the Top 12 articles is our interview with John Meller, Partner at DHL Entertainment Logistics. Discover how IAG Cargo works alongside DHL to help bring alive one of our most loved industries: film. Get the insider track on what it takes to transport production props around the world and why DHL continue to choose IAG Cargo.