Small is beautiful: How we reward our most loyal SMEs

Key to a successful relationship are the pillars of loyalty and trust – qualities that should be appreciated all year round, not only on February 14th.

Over the last year, our customer “relationship goals” have focused on building stronger bonds and rewarding the loyalty not only of our key accounts, but of our smaller-scale customers that keep our business always moving.

We set up the FORWARD.REWARDS programme so we could do just that. The scheme gives back to small and medium sized customers who regularly book with us, awarding them with points that can be redeemed on free passenger flights, hotel stays, cargo credit and vouchers.

Small to medium sized companies are the backbone of our economy. In 2017, they made up 99.3 per cent of all UK private sector businesses, employing a massive 60 per cent of people in the sector. Last year alone, the UK saw the launch of a record 657,790 new start-ups – a significant chunk more on the previous year’s 608,110.

Many of these are seeking to grow internationally, working with global suppliers who need the kind of extensive route network that IAG Cargo provides. And it seems they’re having success – exports from British vendors on Amazon, for example, increased by a quarter last year, rising to £2.3 billion in 2017, up from £1.8 billion in 2016.

As we mark this day of love and appreciation, we celebrate the value that our SME customers give to our business and their continued support, without which our business would look very different.

New and existing small and medium forwarders can access our loyalty programme at