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Looking to join a FTSE 100 global cargo carrier? Our staff give the lowdown on what it’s like on the inside

Head of Revenue Inventory and Pricing Rob Cockett discusses the merits that being part of a lean and efficient business can offer your professional development, plus tips on how to turbocharge your career

Rob Cockett

What’s your career trajectory been like so far at IAG Cargo?

I joined at the end of 2013 as a route analyst in Revenue Management and worked within that department for a few years before moving to British Airways where I worked in commercial analytical roles, before returning as an inventory manager. I then worked in pricing and optimisation and was responsible for pricing across the network, before becoming Head of Revenue Inventory and Pricing in October 2020.

How would you describe IAG Cargo as an employer?

IAG Cargo is a lean organisation – it’s very efficient, and you can immediately see the value that you offer the business, where in larger organisations it might seem like your impact can get lost, or that your work isn’t necessarily needed. Here, you can tangibly see your influence, which is really rewarding.

What is the working environment at IAG Cargo?

If you have some initiative and drive, you are encouraged to push your ideas forward –stepping outside of your basic requirements and coming up with interesting ideas will always be received well. One of the great things about IAG Cargo is the exposure that you get to all levels of employees across the business. The directors sit within easy reach of staff so it’s always been easy to get access to them, whether it’s floating new ideas or discussing fresh strategies. For instance, since we’ve been working virtually, our Chief Commercial Officer John Cheetham has set up a monthly catch-up session where anyone can book in to see him and ask questions within a small group. There’s also a weekly update that people can attend, ask questions and discuss challenges, and I run my own weekly floorplate where my team can do the same.

How does IAG Cargo’s position in the global market impact the work you do?  

The company’s position within the market gives you a lot of opportunities. For example, in Revenue Management, we’re looking at buying a new pricing system, which has given me the chance to work with external suppliers and learn about the different systems that we can use to optimise our work. With IAG Cargo’s prominence, there is more commitment to improving our processes, and a greater exposure and access to more learnings as a result.

What opportunities have you had to learn and expand your knowledge base here?

Because we’re such a lean company, you’re able to meet so many people from other departments and get to grips with what’s important to them. This ultimately improves awareness and understanding of the market more broadly, giving you the chance to get involved in a range of activities and deeply understand how a business like ours functions. 

What advice would you give to prospective applicants and graduates looking at IAG Cargo?

There are a lot of people who will help you develop, but you must own your experience and drive it yourself. Experiences and knowledge-sharing won’t be given to you on a plate, you do have to go out there and ask for it. Come in with a proactive attitude to develop and explain that you want to push yourself, and those opportunities will appear.

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