Hong Kong skyline

IAG Cargo completes 100th cargo-only flight from Hong Kong to London

This week IAG Cargo completed its 100th cargo​-only flight,​ using 777 passenger aircraft, from Hong Kong to London. 

We began cargo-only flights across our network – including in and out of Hong Kong – in April in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

To date, the route has also been supported by an additional 65 private charters – a solution that we were quick to offer customers alongside cargo-only flights to keep air freight moving. Since April, on the scheduled Hong Kong to London route alone, IAG Cargo has transported over 3,000 tonnes of vital goods including PPE, with the charters adding significantly to that total.

With hairdressers in the UK yet to reopen, this week’s shipments from Hong Kong have included 1/2 a tonne of electric hair clippers. This may come as no surprise to those of us googling “how to cut my own hair”, which has surged dramatically in the past month. Other items on board this week have included toy planes, phone cases, face-masks and shoes.

IAG Cargo is currently operating daily services out of Hong Kong to London, with additional cargo-only flights on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.