Geneva Motor Show: The road ahead for carmakers

The Geneva International Motor Show is one of the biggest dates in the automotive calendar, playing host to the world’s biggest auto manufacturers as they show off new models, breath-taking concept cars and cutting-edge technology. Each year, hundreds of thousands of industry executives, journalists and car enthusiasts from around the globe descend onto the shores of Lake Geneva for a sneak peek at what carmakers have in store for the year ahead. And with the 89th show shaping up to be one of the most exciting in recent years, we’re giving you the rundown of what’s on show this year.

Electric future

The 2019 show seems to be a truly electrifying one with many of the biggest names in car-making unveiling new electric models and concepts. From Kia with their Imagine, Aston Martin and the Lagonda All-Terrain concept, to the unveiling of the Audi Q4 e-Tron all electric SUV. According to this show, the future is definitely electric.

Hyped-up hypercars

In much the same way that the fashion world gathers in Paris or Milan for seasonal spectaculars, the automotive aristocracy convenes in Geneva. It is renowned as the motor show where design teams can strut their stuff, and they don’t often disappoint.

Image: Copyright Bugatti – Limited Edition Chiron Sport “110 Ans Bugatti”

Two of the oldest amongst the elite, Bugatti and Bentley are celebrating birthdays this year with the French brand marking 110 years with a ‘110 ans Bugatti’ tribute to its legendary Chiron Sport model (pictured above). Additionally the rumour that Bugatti would reveal a modern take on their iconic Type 57SC Atlantic, turned out to be true, with the uncovering of their one-off Bugatti Voiture Noire touting a price tag of €11 million and that is before local taxes!

Going global

What the Geneva International Motor Show highlights is how car manufacturing has become a truly global industry. Though automobile brands are among the most iconic images of their respective countries, automobile manufacturing is a border-spanning process with supply chains crossing continents and brands making their mark in multiple regions.

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