Most stylish foot forward: e-commerce taking over London Fashion Week

Every year hundreds of fashionistas flood the streets of London to check out the latest styles, nab a goodie bag and ultimately earn the coveted title of ‘Best dressed’ or get papped with the likes of Kate Moss and Stella McCartney.

In preparation for the big event, IAG Cargo shipped 18.4 tons of metal pins and garment accessories for London Fashion Week from Hong Kong – from designers and assistants, to models and aspiring fashion gurus – everyone is preparing for the biggest style event of the year.

Although traditional fashion houses will always take centre stage at events like London Fashion Week, a new competitor has emerged over the last couple of years: online fashion retailers. E-commerce has edged its way into most industries, with online shopping now not only a daily occurrence for most shoppers, but also a staple deserving of a place on any catwalk.

ASOS has been a part of LFW for three years now, hosting and sponsoring panels and most recently discovering up-and-coming young designers and selling their clothes on a dedicated page on its site as part of the ASOS Fashion Discovery Award. Last year, Amazon trialled a one-hour delivery service during London Fashion Week, bringing to life the “see now, buy now” slogan of the marketing campaign.

What’s undeniable is one thing – as consumer demand shifts further toward e-commerce, online retailers continue to occupy an ever-growing part of our day-to-day, whether it’s the number of tabs open on our desktops, or presence among fashion royalty at London Fashion Week.