bouquet of jasmine and pink garden roses

Jasmine, the world’s most romantic flower?

Spotted in the Duchess of Sussex’s wedding bouquet last year, Jasmine’s exotic fragrance, elegant stature and deep cultural meaning has earned it the coveted position of “flower of choice” for bridal boutiques across the globe.

And its popularity doesn’t look set to decline anytime soon. Here at IAG Cargo we delivered a whopping 300kg single shipment from Chennai in India to Chicago in the United States. But why is it so popular? We take a look at Jasmine’s romantic roots…

India’s relationship with the native flower dates back to the 15th Century, where it is affectionately referred to as the “perfume of love”. There are a number of myths surrounding the significance. One such legend is of a beautiful princess who falls in love with the Sun God, Surya. Their love blossoms, but tragically the princess is murdered by a vengeful and jealous ex-lover. The princess’s ashes are scattered amongst the palace grounds, from them growing the fragrant Jasmine flower. Symbolising the princesses eternal love for Surya, Jasmine has become synonymous with the unity, purity and innocence of love, and is commonly used in Hindu religious ceremonies. It is also regarded as one of the holy flowers of Kamadeva, the Hindu god of love, and is one of the five fragrant flowers that adorn his bow and arrow.

Kamadeva and Shiva
Kamadeva shooting his love-arrow at Shiva

And it seems that India aren’t the only fans, with Jasmine the popular choice at weddings the world over. And it seems the flower business is big business. According to About Flowers, retail outlets in the US generated $30.8 billion in 2016 from flower sales alone, with weddings making a significant contribution to this. In fact, the estimated minimum cost for wedding flower decorations is over $2,000, according to a survey by The Knot.

So whether it is the sentiment of jasmine’s romantic roots, or just a compliment to Megan Markle’s global popularity, there is no doubt that the jasmine flower will be a reoccurring shipment being transported as part of IAG Cargo’s ‘Constant Fresh’ product.

So as Chicago prepares for its wedding season, inspired by vintage country trends, using Jasmine’s trailing, vine-line buds to create a serene, nature-inspired ambiance, IAG Cargo will be ready to deliver fresh produce, including Jasmine, to over 350 destinations.