Top tips for combating Blue Monday

Post-festive season blues, cold and dark mornings or a failed dry January, the effects of Blue Monday – the dreaded third Monday of the New Year – are felt across the world.

The idea of Blue Monday first surfaced back in 2005 and was originally based on data that revealed people were generally unhappiest on the third Monday in January every year.

In fact, the Telegraph newspaper found in a survey of 2000 people that just five percent are happiest during this time of the year, while a staggering 57 percent feel less productive and motivated. Yikes.

Here at IAG Cargo, it’s little surprise that we’ve seen an uptake in shipments of goods that are known to do a little to help cure the blues. With chocolates flying to Australia and New York from Europe, and trainers moving from Hong Kong to London, we’ve pulled together our guide for beating the Blue Monday blues with some inspiration from our cargo holds.

Here are three of our top tips:

  • Chocolate – eating chocolate releases several neurotransmitters that have positive effects on human feelings. One of these is phenylethylamine (most commonly known as “the love drug”) that causes feelings of excitement and alertness. It’s also found that chocolate releases endorphins that reduce levels of stress and pain. Could a few squares be the perfect solution to overcome the pressure of the New Year and beat Blue Monday? It’s worth a try, according to science.
  • Exercise – physical exercise is proven to boost your mood through the release of endorphins. With trainer shipments increasing from Hong Kong to LHR, it’s clear this is a coping strategy many have picked up. For those who are struggling with low energy, try a new class or call a friend for a workout to help sweat your blues away.
  • Smile – smiling is scientifically proven to release chemicals in your brain that cause your body to relax! Smiling is contagious, so you’re making someone else’s day.