In Ghana, fresh fruit and veg exports are booming

Africa’s food and beverage markets are expected to reach US$1 trillion by 2030, a whopping three times the market value right now.

Much of this growth is down to the exports landscape, and the huge amount of fresh produce flown out of the continent every day, from fresh fruit and veg to spices, flowers and seafood.

Every year, IAG Cargo flies around 25,000 tonnes of perishables out of Africa through our Constant Fresh product. That’s the weight of around 69 A380s…


Ghana has assumed the mantle as one of Africa’s top perishables exporters, with agricultural products making up a third of the country’s total exports, and cocoa beans and fruit the lion’s share.

IAG Cargo operates a 747-400 daily from Accra into Heathrow, providing the export market in Ghana with more than 15 tonnes of direct capacity into the UK each day, as well as the carrier’s global network of over 350 destinations from there. Fresh fruit and veg can be on supermarket shelves in as little as 72 hours from picking.

IAG Cargo’s Constant Fresh product provides temperature-controlled transportation at every stage of the food supply chain. Specialist perishable handling facilities in London and Madrid are dedicated to ensuring goods are transported at optimum conditions, preserving the quality and freshness of Africa’s diverse products destined for restaurants and supermarket shelves across the globe.

Moving fresh produce is a huge part of our day-to-day here at IAG Cargo. Read more about the world of perishable logistics, or discover the benefits of shipping fresh produce with our Constant Fresh product here.