Why start-ups are the jumpstart that the air cargo sector needs

In a recent article, we spoke about how big companies are looking more and more to start-ups to experiment, disrupt and find tailor-made improvements for their businesses.

And with the speed of advancements in AI technology and machine learning, there’s huge scope for the air freight landscape to shift and grow, especially with the sector accounting for around 35 per cent of world trade by value.

IAG is investing heavily in innovation, most prominently in the group’s Hangar 51 Accelerator – we take a look at this year’s finalists from the programme’s Cargo category:

Mobilus Labs has created a wearable hands and ear-free voice communications platform that allows teams to communicate in extreme environments such as in warehouses or loading bays, where noise often interferes with communication channels, and standard methods involving handheld devices are inconvenient for logistics staff.

Emu Analytics is a real-time data visualisation platform that can track cargo vehicles moving around the airport to a degree of detail previously unseen. The platform can be used to identify trends, highlighting problem areas around a facility and streamlining services.

Assaia has created a system which feeds airport ramp video footage into airline networks to support efficient  turnarounds. The start-up will receive support from IAG Cargo as it works closely with British Airways on the technology.

The accelerator will end with a demo day, where the start-ups will present their work in front of IAG Group’s senior management team and investors. They will then have the opportunity to win investment from a multimillion-pound digital fund to scale their business. Over the coming months, we’ll be releasing more information about the exciting innovations from our finalists – watch this space.

*Featured image from www.aresearchguide.com/.