What’s in the box: Royal Wedding edition

Prince Harry’s and Meghan Markle’s wedding was the most talked about, watched and reported on social event of the year.

The celebrations took the world by storm, with almost 18 million Britons tuning in to watch the ceremony live, and over 29 million Americans.

It’s therefore no surprise that last month, IAG Cargo was the logistics partner tasked with delivering 500kg of Royal Wedding edition celebrity news magazines from London Heathrow to Nashville International Airport.

With royal wedding pundits waking up as early as 4.30am on the east coast to tune in to the Good Morning America coverage of the anticipated event, the eagerly awaited delivery of the magazines was necessary to the fuel the royal-hungry Americans. Readers were poring over copies of the magazine on the Monday following the weekend wedding – and we were happy to make sure that their prompt delivery took place just 24 hours earlier.

IAG Cargo transports over £36 billion worth of exports from London Heathrow every year. Around the same time as the magazines, we also moved large volumes of Cuban cigars and perfume that week– luxury and romance all in a month!