Celebrating freight and farms on World Agriculture Day

Recent studies show that by 2050 the world’s population will have grown by another two billion. That’s two billion more mouths to feed. Population growth, coupled with rising prosperity in countries like China and India, means we’ll need to almost double our global food production. This is a staggering challenge for anyone working in the industry and, with World Agriculture Day on June 11th, we’re acknowledging the skill and dedication that goes into delivering quality produce to our plates every day.

Meet Harish Patel, managing director of Kenya Horticultural Exporters (KHE). Harish has been with KHE from when it was just just a small grocery shop in Nairobi. “We started by exporting about 200 kg a day. Today we export 22 tonnes a day,” he says.

Working together with KHE, IAG Cargo ships 14 tonnes of the fresh produce grown by Harish’s team each day. A 3,000-acre farm growing and exporting more than 20 types of legumes and other vegetables, KHE supplies mange tout, sugar snaps, runner beans and tenderstem broccoli to supermarkets across Europe.

Due to the vegetables’ short shelf life, farmers like Harish depend on air transit with carriers like IAG Cargo to ensure quick and reliable delivery. Working with us means that KHE’s vegetables can be picked, packaged, delivered to the airport in Kenya, and ready for shoppers on shelves in Europe in less than 72 hours.

Our Constant Fresh product allows for temperature to be controlled at all stages of transportation, with specialist perishable handling facilities in London and Madrid dedicated to ensuring goods are transported at optimum conditions to preserve quality and freshness.

Having watched his family’s business grow over the last 50 years, Harish is passionate about what his team achieves every day.

“It’s very important for us to have a trusted carrier like IAG Cargo” he says. “Farming is what we do, farming is what we grow. I take pride in farming and making sure people are fed around the world.”

Working with partners like KHE allows IAG Cargo to be a part of a global movement, helping feed millions around the world. As Leonard Pigeon, co-founder of World Agriculture Day, says, “Agriculture belongs to YOU, it is everyone’s business — not just that of farmers, but of humanity as a whole.”