This is how much the ‘Ramadan economy’ is worth  

The ninth month of the Islamic calendar marks the start of Ramadan, when more than one billion Muslims worldwide observe a month of fasting to commemorate the moment the Qu’ran was revealed to the Prophet Muhammed.

This year, the fast runs from May 16th through to June 14th. Once the month is complete, Muslims celebrate a holiday called Eid al-Fitr where relatives give gifts and get together for an enormous feast.

The lead-up to Ramadan is an important time for cargo carriers, with supermarkets and brands steering their focus to Muslims looking to celebrate Eid in style. The ‘Ramadan economy’ in the UK is reportedly worth £200 million, with projections for the  global Islamic economy more broadly set to be worth more than £3 trillion by 2021.

This is a huge market for businesses appealing to Muslim buyers at this time of year, and one that the air freight industry prepares for to accommodate the spike in demand. With more than 15,000 flights per week to over 350 destinations worldwide, we’re perfectly placed to handle the high volumes. This month, we’re expecting to ship huge numbers of electronics, clothing and food like lamb, spinach and dates to millions of Muslim communities across the globe.

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