Biological E: Working towards a healthier world

We’re proud of all our partnerships, but the work we do with Biological E saves lives.

Based in Hyderabad, the company was the first pharmaceutical company to open in South India, producing vaccines that safeguard millions of people against often deadly and preventable diseases. Internationally, it supplies essential doses to a number of UN agencies including UNICEF and the Pan American Health Organisation.

Vaccine research and development is a complicated process, taking anywhere between five and eight years from concept to commercialisation. At Biological E, around 2,000 people work in the vaccine division, generating two million vaccines each day. Some of these are exciting new developments designed to combat dangerous, recently discovered strains and infections.

At IAG Cargo, we carry more than 3.5 billion vaccine doses each year. Hundreds of millions of these are produced at Biological E headquarters, which, through our extensive network, find their way across 90 different countries. Some of the most widely distributed on our network are yellow fever vaccines to Brazil and Nigeria; pentavalent vaccines to central and South America; polio to Pakistan and Nigeria; and Ebola to the US.

It’s tricky stuff, making sure vaccines stay viable while in transit. They’re sensitive biological products, and must be kept chilled or they lose their ability to transfer immunity. Packed tightly in passive insulated packaging with gel packs, around 1,250 to 1,500 vials can fit onto a two-three tonne pallet, keeping them between two and eight degrees throughout the journey.

‘There are stringent temperature conditions that our vaccines require at all times, even at the point when they reach our end customer,’ says chief operating officer Lakshminarayana Neti. ‘Vaccines are stable between two and eight degrees, and do not tolerate any temperature excursions both on the positive side and the freezing. Having a trusted supply chain partner is crucial. IAG Cargo has been an extremely reliable partner and there have been no failures whatsoever.’

Chilled vaccines that combat easily communicated diseases such as diphtheria, polio, rotavirus and malaria have been saving lives since the World Health Organisation introduced its global immunisation programmes in the 20th century. As Biological E’s chosen cargo partner, we’re proud to play our part in this effort.

Visit our Constant Climate page for more information on how you can ship your temperature-sensitive goods with us.